Tania Silversen & The Wavehunters

Tania is a singer, songwriter and guitarist based in Geneva, Switzerland. Accompanied by 3 musicians, Tania distills a soft alternative rock. With her assertive and gripping voice, she tilts you into a world where human relationships are dissected, analyzed and spat out under the guidance of her unique gaze to see the world. Yogi, rocker or healer, these labels could not be enough to describe her penetrating character that sweats in her lyrics where her travels in the human soul are narrated.
Influenced mainly by rock, alternative and folk music, she mixes these styles in her unique and authentic way. Her songs swerve from upbeat, rock melodies to gentle pop-folk songs. Her album “Now I Know” came out in 2016, the same year she started touring with her band.

For years she has earned her living by singing, teaching and performing in different bands,” I’m starting out alone with my compositions. “Such a Conversation with the Wind, that she sang on the spot with her guitar.
 Skull t-shirt, black make-up and piercing complete the look of the rocker. The song, on the other hand, reveals a deep sweetness. A little anxious and perfectionist, Tania Silversen distills her melody with a deep velvet like voice, reaches high notes with mastery and embarks its public in its universe folk rock, influenced by Pj Harvey or the Yeah yeah yeah.” Tribune de Genève 2015

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