An Online Record Shop

We love records, especially vinyls and it has always been our dream to share this passion with people. Of course we’re well aware that nowadays physical albums don’t sell anymore but let’s be honest, we don’t care ! For us, this is a passion and what’s better than to have an informal record shop to do that ? But there is a little more to it. This is also our mission to make available on one platform a bunch of great swiss artists, to help them promote themselves and have a (little bit) more exposure online. With time, we’ll collect and sell as much records as we can, as long as we dig them !

An Associative Label

Electric Maze Records is also an associative label based in Geneva. This label was created in 2018 as an informal collective of artists and persons who share the same vision of what rock n’ roll and its derivates should be. We especially focus on distributing Vinyls & CD’s online and sometimes managing and booking artists to enable them to grow in the swiss music scene (and hopefully beyond). We almost all are active musicians in the swiss music scene, therefore we have a strong DIY philosophy and a good experience of the show business. Our mission as a label is to book, manage and promote our artists. Electric Maze Records currently manage bands like Killing Volts (Punk/Grunge), Black Widow’s Project (Stoner rock) & Tania Silversen & The Wavehunters (Indie Rock).